Bognor Regis

What is BognorRegis.co.uk?

Bognor Regis is a web newspaper edited by the Bognor-Regis.co.uk team.

The site is being developed, but you are encouraged to look around. The site is aiming to be the first place to look for news and events relating to Bognor Regis and its surrounding area. Over the coming weeks, we will be adding more and more local information. Our long term goal is to provide a valuable resource to all of the local community, and also to encourage visitors from outside the area to come and see what Bognor Regis has to offer.

If there is anything you would like to see on the site, please let us know

We are particularly interested in recruiting people to become authors for BognorRegis.co.uk. We can't hope to cover every single thing that happens in and around Bognor, but we are sure that the community can. If you have a pet project or activity that you want the residents of Bognor to know about, then why not become an author? You don't need any web design skills!

We also need details of clubs and organisations. If this means you, please send us your details

BognorRegis.co.uk uses some software called Opus which was written by The Hug using a language called PHP. The data is stored in a database called MySQL.

Articles can be written by many authors, which they can do from the web. The authors don't have to understand HTML.

Articles can be embargoed, so they don't appear in the paper until the date/time specified, and expired, so they disappear after the date/time specified.

Articles can be marked to go in the paper's diary, in which case a date and optionally, start and end times, are specified and it will also appear in a diary section.